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Prav S


Studio Manager

Embarking on an extraordinary musical journey, Prav has had the privilege of contributing creativity to Zendyll Studio for the past two years. Starting as an intern, Prav quickly found footing and showcased a natural talent for translating musical ideas into reality. Over the years, Prav has ascended the career ladder, honing production skills across various genres, including urban pop/hip-hop, electronic pop, and indie R&B.

Prav's strength lies in unwavering attention to detail and an ability to grasp the artistic visions of collaborating artists. In the studio, Prav has fostered an environment that encourages collaboration and experimentation, allowing artists to discover their true voice while ensuring a polished and professional final product.

The extensive portfolio Prav has built serves as a testament to the ability to stay current with industry trends and infuse each project with a distinctive sonic signature. Dedication, an innovative spirit, and unbridled passion have all contributed to shaping Prav's musical ventures. Three notable projects highlight Prav's involvement, ranging from production to recording, and mixing and mastering of the end products.

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