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Sandra Riley Tang, also known as RRILEY, is a Singaporean musician, actress, and co-founder of pop quartet The Sam Willows.



As part of The Sam Willows, she has performed at numerous festivals and events both locally and globally - SXSW Festival (Texas), Ultra (Singapore), SummerSonic (Japan), We The Fest (Indonesia). They’ve amassed close to 15 million streams on Spotify, making them the most streamed band in Singapore.


Sandra has co-hosted on Michael Bolton’s reality show “Bolt of Talent” in August 2017, which aired on Fox Live Asia and even performed a duet with the award-winning singer at his concert that same year. In 2018, she paired with Canadian pop artist Daniel Powter, to perform a duet for the Singapore President’s Star Charity.

In 2019, she made her solo debut as RRILEY and released her debut solo single ‘Burn’, which has  has garnered over 1 million streams online since its release. She released a second single ‘mmm bye’ in August 2019. 


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