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RRILEY (aka Sandra Riley Tang) is a Singaporean artist who made her debut into the industry back in 2012 as a founding member of local pop quartet - The Sam Willows.



In 2019, she dropped her debut solo single 'Burn', flaunting her various musical influences and quickly taking over the airwaves. She followed up with anthem 'mmm bye' and unconventional love song 'Love Me Like A', asserting herself as the voice of self-love and confidence for her listeners.

RRILEY released her highly anticipated debut EP 'Alpha' in August 2020. In this fiery ode to independence, RRILEY mixes playful lyrics with unapologetic swagger and thumping power-pop beats, leading with confidence to empower everyone to be their best selves.

2021 saw the release of catchy R&B-Pop single, 'You Should Have Said So', in which RRILEY expresses her pet peeves in a full-sensory listening experience, which was swiftly juxtaposed by  'growing pains' a year later, showcasing her more vulnerable and introspective side.


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