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“Hometown Heroes” is a documentary and gameshow series that showcases Singapore’s largest collection of music artists, such as the likes of bilingual singer-songwriter Aisyah Aziz, multi-hyphenate artiste Estelle Fly, award-winning singer and producer Shye, and established local producers J.Son and evanturetime. 


Conceptualised alongside visual storytellers Bless7Up and developed in collaboration with the National Youth Council (NYC), the series shines a light on how Singapore’s neighbourhoods, food, and culture have influenced our musicians, all while giving the artists and opportunity to explore the best in their regions through challenges and songwriting. 


Divided into four teams, each comprising of three artistes and one producer who will represent the distinct regions of Singapore they grew up in (North, South, East, West). Each teams will be pit against each other in unconventional challenges à la global phenomenon Running Man (런닝맨). Hosted by Jon Chua JX and RRILEY from The Sam Willows, the challenges range across Singapore from the farms of Kranji to the streets of Orchard where each teams will earn points that will be used to their advantage to write and create four unique tracks and music video, one for each side of our city state. 


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