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FLANNEL ALBERT (real name Albert Joo) is a melodic hip-hop artist based in Brooklyn, NY.



FLANNEL ALBERT started in music from the young age of four, studying classical piano and music theory. Though he was raised in Portland, the rapper lived in Korea for a few years during a brief stint as a K-pop artist where his debut EP topped independent online music charts in Korea. Shortly after, the artist moved to Brooklyn where he delved into the world of hip-hop and joined the WH9LE Collective.

FLANNEL ALBERT’s music is an eclectic blend from his diverse experiences. Citing influences such as Eminem, Childish Gambino, Sufjan Stevens, and Kanye West, he also fuses along his classical music training and the upbeat vibes of pop all while incorporating electronic vibes, clever lyricism, and vibrant energy


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