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Once a member of Japanese idol group, Sea*A, Estelle Fly continues to make waves in the entertainment industry through her own music and YouTube content ever since she went solo. Breaking out of the Japanese idol mold in 2013 has since allowed her the creative freedom to hone her own sound – one that she describes as a meld of pop and R&B, packed with addictive hooks and dance beats. Estelle's music style is heavily influenced by K-Pop artists like IU and Taeyeon, as well as the vocal prowess the likes of Britney Spears and Ariana Grande.




During her time with HoriPro - one of Japan’s top talent agencies - she released 4 singles, 1 mini-album, and a full album. She has opened for Japanese Artiste, May'n and performed for major music events in Japan such as Animax Musix at the world-famous Yokohama Arena. She has also performed along side the likes of Big Bang's Seungri, Tokyo Girls style, LiSa and Baby Metal.  

Five years on, the budding artist had also opened for Korean idol group Red Velvet. 


On 31st January 2018, Estelle Fly broke into the Singaporean music scene with her first digital single, Blue, a groovy R&B pop track about a girl's first encounter with unrequited love. 


She has been approached by Japanese company, Kotobukiya to host their web series, Frame Arms Girls, and has also co-hosted a popular YouTube talk show called Uncensored on INcentral. 


In 2019, she made her acting debut as the lead actor for the Toggle series Emerald Hill High. She was a host and game-master for MTV Asia's THE SHOW Ultimate Fan Search.


Her raw personality and disposition has begun to capture the interest of several youths today. With a loyal Instagram following and growing pool of YouTube subscribers, she has been approached by companies such as Maybelline and Jeric Salon to represent their brands. 


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