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RIIDEM aka Shorya Sharma, made his first beat at the age of 13, and has since blossomed into an established songwriter, mixing engineer, and artist. As Creative Head for HVT Entertainment, RIIDEM discovers and develops the future of the best Hip-Hop and R&B artists like Feez., AE$OP CA$H and Sham in order to expand their network into Southeast Asia.



Over the course of his career, he has collaborated with numerous successful acts from all over the world and is unquestionably one of the most well-known producers in Southeast Asia. He has experience working with Singapore talents like rappers Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, singer-songwriters RRILEY, Iman Fandi, Malaysia rap legends Joe Flizzow, SonaOne, Chinese-American rapper Bohan Phoenix and more. RIIDEM has also composed soundtracks for the big screen such as Wonder Boy OST for Dick Lee, and jingles for brands like Puma, G-Shock, Martell and more. 


In 2014 and 2015, RIIDEM had a crucial role in the music production of Singapore's 49th and 50th National Day Parades.


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